Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bluechip Athletic Solutions Launches New Version of Bluechip Enterprise Technology

Bluechip Athletic Solutions (Bluechip) is pleased to announce the release of Bluechip Enterprise 8.0, the latest version of the company’s state-of-the-art compliance & student athlete management solution. The software allows compliance departments to simplify all day-to-day recruiting and student-athlete management duties through advanced technology and a proactive rules integration which has been independently audited to ensure compliance with NCAA Bylaws. Notable advancements include a new and more intuitive user interface, a hybrid mobile app optimized for mobile devices and tablets, optimized workflows and greater user flexibility.

The software’s redesigned user interface employs an icon-driven layout that is incredibly easy to navigate by any user. The new update also allows customized views of database components based on specific roles and needs, catalyzes greater efficiency when running reports, and dramatically increases admin tool capabilities. In addition, Enterprise 8.0 has been optimized for mobile devices, including an offline option that enables staff members to utilize the system without an internet connection.

“As a former Assistant Athletic Director of Student-Athlete Support, I understand the time demands a compliance official endures,” said Marc Lippens, Bluechip Director of Technology Products & Compliance Solutions. “That’s why it’s been so rewarding to play a part in developing and releasing this new generation of Bluechip Enterprise. Our development team has done a great job addressing the needs of compliance departments while also integrating all the user-friendly aspects of the recently released Recruiting Radar 8.0.”

“Bluechip is committed to creating technology solves that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire athletic department,” Lippens continued. “The new Bluechip Enterprise platform is a key component in meeting this objective.”

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good Luck on Signing Day from Team Bluechip

Today is National Signing Day - a day when decisions will be made and lives will be changed.

To help teams prepare for the big day, Bluechip Staff created a video message.

Check out the video at http://bit.ly/bluechipsigningday

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