Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Princeton Football Mobile App Launches

Bluechip is pleased to announce the launch of Princeton Football Official App available for iPad.

Head coach Bob Surace has the Princeton Tigers ready to roar through the Ivy League. Now, viewers can follow the action year round with the team’s official mobile app. Fans of the orange and black will get an insider’s view to the entire Princeton program, from the grandeur of Power’s Field at Princeton Stadium to the standout facilities. Subscribers will get an up close and personal look at Coach Surace, the former All-Ivy League center who helped the Tigers to the 1989 Ivy League championship.

Fans can also get to know Coach Surace’s crack staff and the decades of experience they bring to the team. There are opportunities to learn about the history of the team’s famous helmets, take a look back in time at the first collegiate football game in history, and get a glimpse of student life at one of our nation’s proudest and accomplished universities. It’s all of this and more with Princeton Football’s official mobile app.

Download the mobile app at
Project Manager: Eric Cheek

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Bluechip Athletic Solutions Launches New Version of Recruiting Radar Technology

Bluechip Athletic Solutions (Bluechip) is pleased to announce the release of Recruiting Radar 8.0, the latest version of the company’s flagship recruiting and compliance database technology for collegiate coaches. Recruiting Radar 8.0 is the most advanced upgrade to the software since its debut in 2005, delivering a wealth of new and highly requested features. Some of the most notable advancements include a new and more intuitive user interface, a hybrid mobile app optimized for mobile devices and tablets, optimized workflows, upgrades to the player evaluation tool and greater user flexibility.

The software’s redesigned user interface employs an icon-driven layout that is incredibly easy to navigate by any user. The new update also allows customized views of database components based on specific roles and needs, catalyzes greater efficiency when running reports, and dramatically increases admin tool capabilities. In addition, Recruiting Radar 8.0 has been optimized for mobile devices, including an offline option that enables coaches to utilize the system without an internet connection, which is integral for collegiate coaches as they travel the country visiting recruits.

“As a coach at the first school to use Recruiting Radar in 2005, it has been exciting to be part of the team developing the new generation of Radar,” said Marc Lippens, former college football coach and current Bluechip Director of Technology Products & Compliance Solutions. “Recruiting Radar 8.0 provides coaches with instant access to the information that is most important to them at all times and we believe our new design will revolutionize the industry. I am incredibly proud of what our development team has accomplished and am certain that Radar 8.0 will surpass our client’s expectations.”

Recruiting Radar was initially offered in 2005, when Bluechip founders Steve Kennedy and Ricky Hleap first developed technologies that revolutionized the recruiting process. These technologies helped collegiate coaches and staff modernize their recruiting techniques by becoming more efficient at their operations and their communications with prospects. Since its inception, Recruiting Radar has been the recruiting database technology of choice for more than 100 Division I teams.

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