Monday, June 20, 2011

Bluechip hits the convention circuit

Bluechip had a busy month of convention travel between May and June. We attended:

- NCAA Regional Rules Tucson - May 16-20
- NCAA Regional Rules Tampa - June 6-10
- NAAC (National Association for Athletics Compliance) - June 15-16

We had a great time spreading the word about all our great products and services, as well as meeting new friends and saying hi to old ones.

In addition to handing out our literature at our tables at the events, we made sure we had plenty of snacks to hand out to convention attendees (including bags of chips and full size candy bars!).

Next time you see us at a convention be sure to stop by our table for a treat.

CEO & Founder Steve Kennedy at the Bluechip table at NCAA Tampa.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bluechip sponsors NAAC Convention in Orlando

Bluechip is proud to announce that we are a sponsor of the 2011 NAAC (National Association for Athletics Compliance) Convention.

NAAC serves as the professional and educational association of senior compliance administrators. For more information on NAAC, please visit